Auction FAQ

What is a silent auction?

During a silent auction multiple donated items are displayed openly with item description and a bid sheet located together.  The bids from each items are written on a sheet of paper (the bid sheet) that is usually placed before or next to the item. At the predetermined end of the auction, the highest listed bidder wins the item. There is a minimum bid amount listed on the bid sheet and also a minimum raise amount.  If the minimum bid is $50 and the minimum raise is $5, the next person who writes down their bid must have at least $55 to be considered valid.

Typical items donated for the silent auction are restaurant gift cards, sports camps, or artwork.

OK.  What happens during the live auction?

A live auction is hosted by an auctioneer in real time and is held before an audience of bidders. These bidders are actively trying to win an item while the auctioneer sets new prices.

Typically at the NAPS auction the framed classroom art is part of the live auction, as well as a few larger priced donations.

In an effort to keep the party going this year, all items, including classroom art, will start out in the silent auction with bid sheets. Once any item hits a $500 price, it will be moved to the live auction for some fast paced action.

What is a paddle raise?

During the live auction portion of your program, the auctioneer announces a special appeal for a specific purpose and then asks the audience to raise their paddles to give at different levels to this project. The auctioneer will let the audience know the available levels of donations and encourages participated to raise their paddle to fund a specific need.

What should I wear?

The school auction is above all a social gathering and a place for parents and friends to talk and enjoy. Dress like you’re coming to a fun party!

Whom can I email with questions?

For Event night questions, contact Kristin Shenck

For Donation related questions, please contact Nicole Ossola